CNN Refuses to Air Anti-Insurance Ad

The health-care air wars are on—but not everyone is playing ball. CNN is refusing to broadcast an advertisement critical of the insurance industry because it "unnecessarily singles out" an insurance executive. The ad highlights the CEO of Cigna, Ed Hanway, and blasts his salary of $12 million and generous retirement package. The rejection comes hot on the heels of CNN's controversial decision to not air an ad criticizing Lou Dobbs for inciting the nutty "birther" movement. The company behind the ad, Americans United for Change, is "a top White House ally in the health-care wars," according to the Plum Line. An AUC spokesman criticized the network's decision: “The bottom line question is: Would CNN run ads from Cigna that are positive about the company? If yes, why would they turn down an ad critical of the company for their role in trying to kill health-insurance reform?" Not surprisingly, MSNBC will run the ad tomorrow.