Closing In on Chandra's Killer

It's been almost eight years since congressional aide Chandra Levy disappeared, setting of a media firestorm over her relationship with ex-Rep. Gary Condit, who resigned over the affair. Now investigators say they are close to arresting a suspect in the case, possibly bringing an end to the mystery. According to a law official, Washington police believe they have proof that Ingmar Guandique, a Salvadoran immigrant who is already in prison for attacks against two other women, committed the murder in Washington's Rock Creek Park in 2001. Levy's mother, Susan Levy, told the Los Angeles Times she had mixed emotions about the news. "I was excited at first because it's been seven, eight years and there's no answer. We want answers, we want judgment," Levy said. "But it's a bittersweet excitement...Why did it even have to happen?"