Sunday Sitdown

Clinton Talks 9/11 Trial, Afghanistan

In a wide-ranging interview on ABC’s This Week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the accountability procedures the Obama administration is setting up to combat corruption in Afghanistan. "I have made it clear that we're not going to be providing any civilian aid to Afghanistan unless we have the certification that if it goes into the Afghan government in any form, that we're going to have ministries that we can hold accountable," said Clinton. Despite Obama’s reevaluation of the region, Clinton still says “the goal here is to defeat al Qaeda,” but “our highest obligation is to the American people.” She also defended Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in public court in New York, saying, “I’m not going to second-guess the attorney general,” and that the decision was made after an “extensive, exhaustive review” by the Justice and Defense departments. On a much lighter note, Clinton also said she is open to having coffee with Sarah Palin and would “look forward to having a chance to actually get to meet her.” Beer summit take two? We smell a photo op.