Clinton Speaks Candidly with Vogue

Vogue finally nabbed that coveted interview with Hillary Clinton, who had avoided the high-fashion magazine during her presidential campaign for "fear of looking too feminine." The feature is sprinkled with telling details, such how the Democratic runner-up is impervious to jet lag, watches Mad Men, and had the furniture rearranged in one of the rooms in the State Department so she could lunch with one of the best views in Washington. Most revealing, though, is how Clinton decided to accept her position in Obama's Cabinet. The former first lady admits she was "stunned" when Obama tapped her for secretary of State, and wasn't sure accepting was the right thing to do. The campaign had left her $10 million in debt, and taking on the role would mean that Bill would have to cut back on his foundation work to avoid accusations of conflict of interest. The two camps had also exchanged harsh words during the campaign. After talking with Obama about subtleties in their foreign-policy views, the differences that seemed vast during the campaign rapidly shrunk. In the end, Obama, who staffers maintain had always wanted to keep Clinton near, wouldn't take "no" for an answer.