Clinton Mends Fences with Obama

How goes so far Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department? It’s like being “mayor of a good-sized small city,” Clinton tells The New York Times. It’s been smooth-sailing so far. Clinton’s relationship with her former rival, President Obama, is “comfortable, if not warm,” writes the Times. She has a regular Thursday afternoon meeting with Obama and sees him several other times each week. What conflict there has been so far is not with Obama, but with National Security Adviser James L. Jones: “[P]eople in her circle say less-than-generous things about Mr. Obama’s national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, suggesting there is some jockeying among the top officials around the president. General Jones, these people say, has struggled with his transition from Marine commander to senior staff person, speaking up less in debates than Mrs. Clinton and not pushing as hard for decisions.”