Disaster Averted

Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes While President

If this isn’t the plot of the next Aaron Sorkin drama, we'll be really disappointed: Former President Bill Clinton apparently lost the “biscuit,” the document with the codes the president must use in case of a nuclear attack, according to a new book by General Hugh Shelton. Shelton writes in Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior that the codes were missing for months, and that’s “a big deal—a gargantuan deal.” Ret. Air Force Gen. Robert Patterson gave a similar account in his own book, saying Clinton claimed he left the left the codes upstairs the morning after the Monica Lewinsky story broke. Patterson went on to write that after a search of the White House residence, Clinton admitted he had misplaced them. Clinton's scatterbrained antics with the biscuit are not unique, though: according to some rumors, former President Jimmy Carter once sent the biscuit to the dry cleaners in a suit.