Clinton ‘Dismayed’ by Misconduct Complaint Against Ex-Aide

Hillary Clinton has responded to reports she kept a senior adviser to her 2008 presidential campaign on staff despite sexual harassment allegations, saying Friday she was “dismayed” by the accusations. “A story appeared today about something that happened in 2008. I was dismayed when it occurred, but was heartened the young woman came forward, was heard, and had her concerns taken seriously and addressed,” Clinton tweeted late Friday. She said she phoned the former campaign worker who first reported the harassment to tell her how “proud” she was that she came forward and “make sure she knows what all women should: we deserve to be heard.” She did not address why the adviser, Burns Strider, was kept on staff, despite claims she personally was advised by her campaign manager at the time to fire him. Strider was accused of “repeatedly sexually harassing a young subordinate,” according to The New York Times. He reportedly received a pay cut and was told to undergo counseling, while the woman was “moved to a new job.”