Clinton Campaign Hunted for ‘Apprentice’ Outtakes Damaging to Trump

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign reportedly sought rumored Apprentice outtakes allegedly damaging to Donald Trump. According to The Daily Beast, the campaign did not attempt to chase down allegedly damaging video of Trump in an elevator because they were already hunting down the rumored outtakes from Trump’s NBC reality series. “Two high-level Clinton campaign officials told The Daily Beast that they did not have any memory of looking for such a tape,” wrote reporter Lachlan Cartwright. “Both of the officials had heard about its supposed existence. But they didn’t take it seriously—in part because they were chasing rumored Apprentice outtakes already—and didn’t inquire about it aggressively.” One Clinton campaign official told the Beast: “I had heard rumors of that. But I did not know of any serious ‘this is who has it’ conversation. And I wouldn’t say we had a serious way of trying to find it. It was something I heard a lot from reporters.”