Clinton and Palin Comic Books

Move over, Superman, there are new heroes in town. And they’re selling fast. The Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin comic books, released yesterday, have been flying off the shelves. They are part of a Bluewater Productions series called Female Force, graphic biographies about powerful women who are “making and shaping modern history,” and are going for $4 a pop. The über-popular Palin book features 32-pages on Palin’s trajectory—from beauty pageants to PTA meetings to McCain rallies. The publisher says the book represents an “even-handed perspective” on the Alaskan, but the Anchorage Daily News claims factual errors and the author’s opinions derail the plot. Palin’s comic was written with two potential endings: one in which she and McCain one the election, and one in which, they failed. So much for a happy ending! Next up on the drawing pad: Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy.