'Queen James'

Cleveland Braces for LeBron's Return

Pressure has been building in Cleveland since the beloved LeBron James made a spectacularly heartless exit from the team that made him a star. This summer, when James announced his free agency during an hour-long television special, he said he never liked Cleveland and took off for the Miami Heat. He'll be back in his old stomping grounds Thursday when the Heat play the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his former fans are ready. They roasted a pig with 23, James' number, and are offering 23-cent beers to anyone who brings in Cavs paraphernalia with James' number. Some Cavs fans have hit the streets selling T-shirts: "Queen James," "LeQuitter" and, "Cleveland Never Quits." Said one of the T-shirt vendors: "I think it has actually brought the city together. I think we learned our lesson of relying on one person for a city this big.''