Cincinnati Mistakenly Honors Man Who Killed Cop

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley delivered a tearful apology to his city’s police after his office accidentally approved a proclamation honoring a man who killed a police officer in a 2015 ambush. “This was a huge mistake,” said Cranley. “It’s not done intentionally. It’s human error, but the buck stops with me.” Cranley also personally called the officer’s widow to apologize, and the proclamation has been retracted. The proclamation had designated June 1, 2017, as “Tre Day” in honor of Trepierre Hummons. Police said they believe Hummons was expecting “suicide by cop” when he shot Officer Sonny Kim in 2015. Hummons was killed by another officer. “I love our police department,” Cranley said Thursday. “I would never do anything to hurt them.” The proclamation was requested by Hummons’ father, who did not give his son’s full name.