Cincinnati Honors Pop Artist Jim Dine

In spite of a decades-long career and a place among the ranks of seminal Pop artists, Jim Dine is a little uncomfortable with his lifetime achievement award from the Cincinnati Art Museum: “Aw, gee,” Dine said. “I don't relish these things. I'm not a politician or a public speaker. I let my work speak for me.” Even so, Dine is being presented with the Cincinnati Art Award as “a Cincinnatian who has had a significant impact on our culture at a national and international level through the making, collecting or promotion of visual art.” With more than 3,000 works, the 74-year-old Dine is perhaps best known for his thoughtful depictions of typical objects such as the tools his family sold during his childhood. "I'd be fascinated by them... " he explained. "They're a metaphor for the hands. They're just plain beautiful."