Presidential Prayer

Churches Court the Obamas

Now that the Obamas have chosen a school for Sasha and Malia, the family can turn to the equally important task of choosing a church. According to the Washington Post, there's already a "spirited competition among Washington churches to land the most sought-after Christians in town." Some pastors are pitching their congregation's diversity and church's proximity to the White House, while others are touting their records with community service. So why all the excitement? Churches are eager to land the first African-American president and fill the role of the Obama's disgraced former advisor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. But a decision won't be made until January, giving churches at least another six weeks to make their pitches. "I can't recall another situation where there is this kind of interest before the president even takes office in terms of where he is going to go to church, and churches campaigning for his attendance," said Gary Scott Smith, author of Faith and the Presidency.