Church Plans Protest of Drag Queen Story Time in Michigan

A religious organization is gearing up to protest Drag Queen Story Time at a Michigan library—but so far it looks like a bust. Only six people have signed up on the Facebook page set up by Warriors for Christ for a Jan. 26 prayer “rebuke” outside the Huntington Woods Library. A story time with the theme “I Like Me Just the Way I Am!” is scheduled for the same day, according to the Detroit Free Press. Warriors for Christ, which is based in Tennessee, is the second group to announce a protest of the story time. Rev. Rich Penkoski said his church has traveled to cities across the country to object to the popular children’s activity. “Parents that bring their kids to this, you can say what you want, but a transgender 4-year-old is like a vegan cat,” Penkoski told the newspaper. “We know who’s making the lifestyle choices for that cat and that child. Children should be left alone.” Many local residents—and a top sex-crimes prosecutor—have applauded the story times.