Christine O'Donnell, No More National TV

Christine O’Donnell won’t be doing any more national TV interviews, she said Tuesday night on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. The Republican senatorial candidate from Delaware said such appearances are “off the table, because that’s not going to help get me votes.” Local Delaware media will be her focus from now on—a move based on a tip from Sarah Palin. O’Donnell earned much criticism when she cancelled appearances on Sunday talk shows at the last minute, making her main presence on national airwaves a brutal mocking of her 1990s TV appearances, including one in which she said she’d “dabbled in witchcraft.” “What they're trying to do is paint me as an extremist,” O’Donnell told Hannity, “so people won't pay attention to my message." She chalked up the witchcraft to “teenage rebellion” and asked, “Who doesn’t regret the '80s?”