49 Dead in New Zealand Shooting, Man Charged With Murder

At least 49 people have been killed in mosque shootings in New Zealand, police have confirmed, and more than 40 are seriously injured. New Zealand’s police commissioner, Mike Bush, said that a man has been charged with murder after the shootings in Christchurch and he will appear in court tomorrow. The man, who is in his late twenties, has not yet been named by the police, but Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the gunman, who has Australian citizenship, as an “extremist, right-wing violent terrorist.” Three others were arrested—but Bush said one of them may have had nothing to do with the attack, while the two others who were arrested in possession of firearms are still being investigated. Bush confirmed the suspects were not known to police and added: “Part of our investigation ought to be to look back to ensure that law enforcement didn’t miss any opportunities to prevent this horrendous event.”