Chinese Bosses Punished Staff By Forcing Them to Drink Urine and Eat Cockroaches

Three managers at a firm in China have been jailed after punishing their staff by whipping them with belts, shaving their heads, and forcing them to eat cockroaches and drink urine. Citing local Chinese media, the BBC reports that a video widely-circulated on social media shows staff holding their noses while drinking yellow liquid and a male employee standing in the middle of a circle while getting whipped. Social media posts alleged staff were also told to eat cockroaches if they did not meet targets at the home renovation company in the city of Guizhou. Other forms of punishment at the firm have included drinking toilet water or vinegar and getting their hair shaved off, according to reports. The company had reportedly failed to pay their employees' salaries for the past two months. Two of the managers have been jailed for 10 days while a third manager will spend five days in jail, local police said in a statement.