China’s Xi Warns Trump of ‘Negative Factors’ Straining Ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday reportedly told President Trump that “negative factors” are hampering bilateral ties between Beijing and Washington, even as the White House hopes for China's support in dealing with North Korea. Chinese state-run media said Xi stood up to Trump over a series of recent moves by the White House that have angered Beijing in a phone call on Sunday. The phone chat came after the U.S. gave China a poor grade on human trafficking last week and imposed sanctions on a Chinese bank over its business with North Korea. Xi also reportedly reminded Trump of the “one China” policy, which prohibits Washington from dealing with Taiwan as a sovereign nation. The U.S. made a $1.4 billion arms deal with Taiwan last week. China’s Defense Ministry on Sunday also warned that the “strategic trust” between the two sides was damaged this weekend when a U.S. warship sailed in disputed areas of the South China Sea, a move which prompted Beijing to have fighter jets scare off the U.S. Navy destroyer.