China’s ‘Jack the Ripper’ Arrested

Police have arrested a man they believe to be the long-sought murderer dubbed “China’s Jack the Ripper,” for the grisly crimes that are reminiscent of the serial killer in Victorian London who was never caught. Gao Chengyong is accused of raping, killing, and mutilating 11 girls and women over 14 years. The youngest victim was 8 years old. Gao, according to police, cut off the victims’ hands, ears, and breasts. Authorities said test determined the 52-year-old native of western China matched DNA found at the scenes of the killings. He was apprehended in a grocery shop he operates, local news reported Monday. He has allegedly confessed to the crimes. Police said Gao was able to elude capture because he lived in such a small village that he was never fingerprinted for an ID card.