China's Communist Party Makeover

What would Mao think? China’s Communist party is changing with the times, according to a new in-depth article in The Guardian, and now boasts millionaire members, branches in Wal-marts, and plans to open a Party office in a Chinese space station. Critics argued that China’s Communist party would die out with its older, mostly-male members, but the Party has evolved—gaining strength as it swells its ranks with young, well-educated citizens. The Red Party has cultivated a cache these days, as they only accept about 5 percent of those who apply for membership. Its willingness to respond to public opinion is part of the reason the system remains so strong. Though they don’t let them vote, its in the country’s interest to keep its people happy. The government uses extensive opinion polling to stay in touch with popular opinion, responding to incidents like the tainted milk scandal by firing officials.