China to Attend U.S. Nuclear Meeting

Between Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama, the White House's decision to sell arms to Taiwan, China's attitude at the Copenhagen climate summit, and Google's relocation of its search engine from the mainland to Hong Kong, relations between China and the U.S. have been a little tense lately. That seems poised to change, according to The New York Times. The Chinese foreign ministry announced Thursday that President Hu Jintao will attend a nuclear-security summit aimed at promoting nonproliferation and scheduled for April 12 and 13 in Washington. That's not the only sign that Sino-American relations are thawing. On Wednesday, the Chinese government seemed to say it would support U.N. sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program, and on Monday President Obama said that it was time for the two "great nations to join hands and commit to creating a prosperous future for our children.”