China Angrily Rejects ‘Slanderous’ U.S. Charges of Economic Espionage

China has hit out at a U.S. indictment against alleged Chinese government hackers who were charged Thursday with stealing confidential data from American government agencies and businesses around the world. Zhu “Godkiller” Hua and Zhang “Baobeilang” Shilong are allegedly part of a hacking group linked to China’s main intelligence service known as Advanced Persistent Threat 10. China insists the two have never stolen commercial secrets. “We urge the U.S. side to immediately correct its erroneous actions and cease its slanderous smears relating to internet security,” a statement from China’s foreign ministry Friday reads. It went on to say that it’s long been an “open secret” that U.S. government agencies hack into foreign governments, companies, and individuals. “The U.S. side making unwarranted criticisms of China in the name of so-called ‘cyber stealing’ is blaming others while oneself is to be blamed, and is self-deception. China absolutely cannot accept this,” according to the ill-tempered statement.