Chile Opens Door to Aid

A day after commenting that “we generally don’t ask for help,” Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signaled her country is ready to receive international aid to recover from the catastrophic quake that has killed more than 700 and displaced 2 million. Experts say recovery will take years and tens of billions of dollars. Bachelet sent in troops to keep order and distribute aid to the hardest-hit areas of the country Sunday, where police tear-gassed hundreds of residents who were attempting to break into stores. The president has reached a deal with supermarkets to provide free food to the neediest residents, The New York Times reports. Aftershocks—more than 100 since the original quake—have slowed rescue efforts, though workers continue to try to dig out residents trapped in rubble while survivors huddle around bonfires as their homes lay in ruin. An estimated 1.5 million homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in.