Chile Guarantees Pope’s Safety After Church Attacks

Chile’s government has vowed to keep Pope Francis safe during his upcoming visit, despite a spate of violent attacks on churches just days before his arrival. At least three churches in Santiago were hit with firebomb attacks on Friday, causing minor physical damage but no injuries. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but pamphlets left behind at the churches featured threatening messages directed at the pontiff. “Pope Francis, the next bombs will be on your robe!” one of the pamphlets read, according to the New York Times. Interior Minister Mario Fernandez on Saturday said the groups behind the bombings had limited capabilities. “These are serious and inexcusable actions, but we have to put things in perspective. We are not talking about significant groups that are truly dangerous,” he said on a local radio station. Various groups are planning demonstrations to coincide with the Pope’s mass on Tuesday, with issues ranging from indigenous rights to a sexual abuse scandal.