Chicago Family Says Hacker Terrorized Them Through Home Security System

A Chicago area family was reportedly terrorized inside their own home after an intruder somehow seized control of their home security system—and allegedly used it to hurl racial slurs and at one point turn the thermostat up to a boiling 90 degrees. Arjun Sud told CBS Chicago that he first realized something was wrong when he heard a deep voice coming from his 7-month-old son’s room. “My blood ran cold,” he said. “As I approached the baby’s room and stood outside, I was shocked to hear a deep, manly voice talking to my 7-month-old son.” The worried parents initially attributed the sounds to a baby monitor malfunction, he said, until the voice came back in another room and allegedly began hurling racial slurs. Sud said he even engaged in a standoff of sorts with the unseen intruder through the security cameras, with the intruder reportedly becoming frustrated when Sud stared right into the camera. The family believes the hacker also turned up their thermostat to 90 degrees, prompting them to call police and the security system company, Nest. A spokesperson for Google, the parent company of Nest, told CBS they don't believe the system was actually breached, but that the family's password was compromised.