Chicago Blackhawks' Mascot Tommy Hawk 'Attacked' at Game, But Video Shows a Different Account

Chicago Blackhawks Mascot Tommy Hawk was “attacked” by a fan during the team’s home game against the Winnipeg Jets on Friday, police reportedly said. “A male performing as a team mascot” was punched and placed in a headlock by another man about 11:15 p.m., the Chicago Sun-Times quoted police as saying. According to the Sun-Times, authorities’ account doesn’t quite match up with video capturing the melee that since went viral. This video appears to show Tommy Hawk pushing the still-unidentified man, and “landing a few punches of his own.” The man says “watch out for the kid,” while Tommy Hawk “slams him onto the ground,” per the Sun-Times's description of the video. When the man lands on the floor, Tommy Hawk appears to throw more punches. The man strikes back. Tommy Hawk then shoves the man away from him, the Sun-Times said of the video. A spokesman for the Blackhawks, which lost 4-3 to Winnipeg in overtime, said “We are gathering the facts and will have no further comment at this time, pending our investigation.”