Squaring Off

Cheney vs. Biden on Sunday Talk

They’ve never had an actual debate, but Dick Cheney and Joe Biden will go head-to-head on Sunday talk show tomorrow, with Biden on Meet the Press and Face the Nation, and Cheney on This Week. The former Vice President and the current Vice President are expected to hammer home their conflicting viewpoints on national security and the war on terror. The face-off is partially a response to a steady stream of aggressive criticism by Cheney of President Obama’s stance on security issues, and Biden is expected to talk up the administration’s work fighting al Qaeda. “If the former vice president wants to discuss the record on fighting al Qaeda and keeping America safe, then we thought it made sense for the current vice president to make the case for what the Obama administration has succeeded in doing,” said a White House official. For his part, Cheney is said to have a number of talking points planned and will argue against KSM’s upcoming trial in New York City, plans to close Guantanamo, and various military issues. In response to raised eyebrows at Cheney’s behavior, former Bush press secretary Dana Perino said, “No one else is shy about commenting about us. The fact that we have been very effective at pushing back is something to be commended.”