Cheney vs. 'Amateur Hour' CIA

Someone just can’t stop making the news. Dick Cheney had some fighting words for the CIA for sending a spy’s husband to Niger to see if Iraq was seeking nuclear material. In 2004, as part of a probe into who leaked the identity of Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, to a newspaper columnist, Cheney told the FBI that it was “amateur hour” at the CIA when it sent Wilson to Niger, though Wilson implied Cheney requested someone make the voyage to validate the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq. Cheney told the FBI investigators he had no idea who revealed Plame's identity. He specifically denied talking about her to Senior State Department official Richard Armitage, who was later found to be the source of the leak, and other senior administrators. Investigators said Cheney did not recall many of the events they wanted to question him about. The FBI recently released their interview notes after a lawsuit from the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics group. Though the Obama administration initially sought to prevent the circulation of the notes, the court’s decision was never appealed.