Chef Dead, Two Critically Injured, After Hammer Attack Inside Brooklyn Restaurant

A chef at a Brooklyn restaurant has died after a man with a hammer burst into the building and attacked people seemingly at random, according to the New York Police Department. Two others are critically injured. The attacker stormed into the Seaport Buffet on Tuesday evening and hammered the 34-year-old chef, a 60-year-old restaurant owner, and a 50-year-old worker. All three victims were taken to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition—the chef, named as Fufai Pun of Brooklyn, died from his injuries. Samantha Randazzo, the owner of Randazzo’s Clam Bar next door, said: “A couple of people, customers from the restaurant, came in here, and we let them in and they said a guy came in crazy with a hammer and started hammering certain people, random people... The guy said he was just screaming crazy words, like ‘I’m killing everybody, world is hell’ ... just screaming crazy things.” It’s not clear what the man’s motive was. Police are interviewing the suspect at a local police station and charges are pending.