Chaz Bono Booted From ‘Dancing’

Perhaps living well will be the best revenge for Chaz Bono. The author was voted off Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night—one night after the judges delivered harsh criticism of his performance and his weight. The lowest scorer several weeks in a row, Bono had suffered a knee injury earlier in the season. His partner, Lacey Schwimmer, called the judges’ “disrespectful” when they said Bono reminded them of a “little penguin trying to be a big, menacing bird of prey.” Bono told reporters on Tuesday he was “quite angry last night,” but now he is “just grateful for the experience.” Although Bono, 42, faced harsh criticism before the show even started for being transgendered, his inclusion on one of television’s most popular shows was applauded by GLAAD and other gay-rights groups.