Charlie Sheen’s Babe Ruth Memorabilia Fetches Over $4 Million at Auction

Two pieces of Babe Ruth memorabilia put on the auction block by actor Charlie Sheen sold for more than $4 million on Saturday. The first item auctioned off by was a 1927 World Series ring with “G.H. Ruth” engraved inside the band, short for George Herman Ruth. The ring sold for $2,093,927—more than four times the record paid for a sports ring at auction, according to ESPN. An original copy of the contract that sold Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees in 1919 raked in an additional $2,303,320. In an interview with ESPN earlier this month, Sheen revealed that he was the person selling the baseball legend’s items in the auction that began in May. “I've enjoyed these incredible items for more than two decades and the time has come,” Sheen said at the time. “Whatever price it brings is gravy.”