Charlie Sheen Sues Warner Bros, Chuck Lorre For Ending Two & a Half Men

Charlie Sheen might have Adonis DNA and tiger blood, but he’s not above suing Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre in solidarity with the little people on the crew of Two and a Half Men. Sheen dropped a $100 million suit against Lorre, the sitcom’s creator, and Warner Bros. Thursday, claiming that Lorre pulled the plug to punish Sheen, but harmed the crew and cast in the process. The lawsuit also demands Sheen receive pay for the final eight scrapped episodes of Two and a Half Men. Confusingly, though, the suit alleges the decision to cancel the final episodes came before Sheen bashed Lorre (with remarks criticized as anti-Semitic) and that Warner Bros. and Lorre violated the law by firing Sheen when he was sick.