Charity Says Sandusky Hosted Young Boy

The boy allegedly raped by Sandusky in the Penn State football team's locker room says this never happened, at least according to Sandusky's lawyer. The boy, whom Mike McQueary reported seeing being raped in 2002, was never sought out by the university, and the incident was never investigated after McQueary reported it, the grand jury in the case against Sandusky has said. Though Sandusky and his attorney both vehemently denied any of the accusations of sexual abuse while talking to NBC's Bob Costas, it has now come to light that at least one boy—and potentially several more—stayed at Sandusky's home during the 1990s. The Fresh Air Fund, an organization that sends underprivileged New York children to camps and to live with host families, has discovered that Sandusky and his family were once Fresh Air Fund hosts. This information is interesting in relation to the charges of sexually abusing eight boys currently held against Sandusky.