Chance the Rapper to Trump: I Don’t Want Your Thanks

Chance the Rapper released a statement distancing himself from the president after Trump tweeted thanks to him Friday morning. “Kanye West has performed a great service to the Black Community - Big things are happening and eyes are being opened for the first time in Decades - Legacy Stuff!,” the president tweeted, adding: “Thank you also to Chance and Dr. Darrell Scott, they really get it (lowest Black & Hispanic unemployment in history).” The reason he mentioned the Chicago-based rapper was because Chance publicly defended his pal Kanye West’s pro-Trump turn by saying Yeezy has a right to his own opinions. Chance additionally noted that “black people don’t have to be Democrats.” That comment was boosted by Donald Trump Jr., who confusingly included basketball emojis in his comments (again, Chance is a rapper—it’s in the name). And so on Friday, Chance released a lengthy statement explaining that his tweets were simply meant to help his “brother-in-Christ” West. “Unfortunately, my attempt to support Kanye is being used to discredit my brothers and sisters in the movement and I can’t sit by and let that happen either.” He then made clear his disdain for Trump: “I’d never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination.” Chance also lamented that his statement “about black folk not having to be democrats (though true)” was “said... at the wrongest time.”