Celeb Lawyer Has Murder Rap

He's not doing much to counter stereotypes about lawyers. Paul Bergrin, a former prosecutor and assistant U.S. attorney who has defended the likes of Lil' Kim, Queen Latifah, and a soldier from Abu Ghraib, has been charged with 14 crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering, the Telegraph reports. Allegedly Paul Bergrin gave the name of a federal informant to associates of a drug dealer he was defending, who then shot the witness in Newark in 2004, according to court papers. In a 2008 drug case, Bergrin allegedly told an informant to kill a man. In a taped call he allegedly said, "I got it all figured out. Put on a ski mask and make it look like a robbery and take all the money out of the house. Earlier this month Begrin admitted that he'd conspired to pormote a Manhattan prostitution ring run by a client.