CBS Preps Walter Cronkite Obit

Sources at CBS News report that Walter Cronkite, famed reporter and anchor of CBS Evening News, is seriously ill at age 92. The network has been updating Cronkite’s obituary for more than a week. CBS News Exec Linda Mason, Cronkite’s spokeswoman, had no comment. Cronkite is best known for his 19-year stint as a news anchor and his coverage of the Vietnam War, which earned him the title of “Most Trusted Man in America.” In a 2006 interview with TVNewser columnist Gail Shister, Cronkite shared his thoughts on death. “When you get to be 89, you have to think about it a little bit,” he said. “It doesn't prey on me, and it doesn't keep me awake nights. Occasionally, when I'm upset about something else, I think, 'My gosh, I don't know if I should do this or that because I'm not sure I'll be here that long to enjoy it.’”