CBS Poll: Obama Wins Debate

It took until the final moments of the second presidential debate for President Obama to finally bring up what many pundits thought would be a no-brainer for an attack on Romney: the GOP challenger’s behind-closed-doors criticism of “47 percent” of Americans. But judging by the CBS News insta-poll, it was a wise choice, as first reactions say Obama won the debate 37 percent to Romney’s 30 percent. On the last question of the night, the candidates were asked what the biggest misperception about them is. Romney insisted he want to serve “100 percent” of the people. Obama answered that he doesn’t believe that government creates jobs, saying he believes in self-reliance and risk-takers. The president’s kicker, however, was all about the 47 percent: “I believe when he said behind closed doors that 47 percent of the country considers themselves … think about who he was talking about.”