Castro’s Son’s Online Affair

A rather embarrassing breach in Cuba’s security system: One of Fidel Castro’s sons Antonio Castro Soto del Valle had an eight-month affair with “Claudia”—a “Colombian woman” who turned out to be a male prankster in Miami. "Guess where I am and I will make love to you without stopping," Soto del Valle wrote at one point. “Claudia” turned out to be “Luis Domínguez, a Cuban-born Miamian who unveiled the sting on Americateve TV Channel 41 in Miami, saying it was designed to 'shatter the myth of an impenetrable' security system.” According to the Miami Herald, “ 'Claudia's' cyber-boyfriend never revealed any state secrets and made no mention of Fidel during their more than 20 Internet chats. But he sent her what he said were his phone number and home address in Havana, wrote that he had no bodyguards and gave advance notice of a trip to Mexico—all breaches of the tight secrecy that has always surrounded Fidel Castro's family life.”