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Castro Muses on Rahm

Fidel Castro may be alive, but he isn’t well, at least judging by the bizarre riff the Cuban leader has authored on Rahm Emanuel’s name. “WHAT a strange surname! It appears Spanish, easy to pronounce, but it’s not,” Castro begins, and ends, somehow, with this observation: “Even if Kant, Plato and Aristotle were to resuscitate together the late and brilliant economist John Kenneth Galbraight [sic], neither would they be capable of solving the increasingly more frequent and profound antagonistic contradictions of the system.” The segue is “Emanuel,” which reminds Castro of “Immanuel Kant,” several of whose most banal quotes Castro throws in his piece to show off his learnedness. Anyway, Castro may like Rahm’s name, but he’s not optimistic about his government: “Obama, Emanuel and all of the brilliant politicians and economists who have come together would not suffice to solve the growing problems of U.S. capitalist society.”