Cash Lead Widens GOP Goals

The GOP is using its big cash advantage to target many more congressional races than usual, including typically safe Democratic seats. It’s a sign of just how imperiled the Democrats’ majority is this year that Republicans have spent $100,000 or more in 77 different House races, while Democrats have managed to do so in only 43. With their close races well-funded, Republicans can now throw money at long shot campaigns and perhaps turn them competitive, spending large amounts in twice the number of races they need to win control of the House. Likewise, in the Senate—where Republicans have poured $1 million into 12 races—Democrats have funded only six at that level. With Democrats forced to spend in dark blue states like Delaware and Connecticut, they have less money for senatorial swing states. It’s a big turnaround from earlier this year, when Republicans were having trouble fundraising and Democrats held the big advantage.