Camelot II

Caroline’s "Nasty" Turn

One of David Paterson’s aides should tell him to let it go: The night before he chose Kirsten Gillibrand as New York’s next senator, Paterson told guests a private event that Caroline Kennedy had been “nasty” to him and shown “disrespect” with how she dropped out of the race. Hours earlier, Paterson had sent her a message wishing her well and disavowing quotes by those close to him saying she had never been in the race and was “mired” in personal issues. Paterson claims Kennedy called him saying she was having second thoughts, he asked her to wait a day, and she agreed. Then he said he couldn’t reach her for hours. "He was absolutely frustrated that he couldn't reach her," said one guest. "He thought maybe she was sick. He felt she was being nasty to him, that she showed great disrespect."