Bad Blood

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks

This song is about you, Starbucks: Carly Simon is suing the coffee giant for failing to sufficiently promote her 2008 Brazilian-inspired album, This Kind of Love. Starbucks’ music label Hear Music produced Simon’s album, but only days before it was set to hit stores, Starbucks downscaled its music program. In her lawsuit filed last week, Simon claims that the album’s poor sales were a result of Starbucks’ mismanagement. “We are disappointed to hear that [Carly Simon] may be taking this action,” said Starbucks spokesman Sanja Gould. “Starbucks has great respect for Ms. Simon and is hopeful that this matter can be resolved in an amicable manner.” But it sounds like Simon won’t go out without a fight: “All of a sudden you’re the ugliest girl at the prom, and you’re not picked,” she tells The New York Times.