N.Y. Gov

Carl Paladino's Wife, Uncensored

After Carl Paladino pulled a Tea Party-endorsed upset in the Republican primary for governor of New York, his wife had misgivings about upping her public profile. “Get over it,” said Paladino’s campaign staff. Cathy Paladino, 63, opened up to the New York Post about her husband’s troubled past. Following the death of their 29-year-old son Patrick in 2009, Paladino decided to run for governor and also revealed to Cathy that he had fathered a 10-year-old daughter, Sarah, with a former employee—and everyone, included their two children, knew about it but her. “I think when you lose a child... everything changes,” said Paladino. “I wasn't angry, you know. I can deal with one family crisis at a time.” Cathy claims her husband is now “tougher, very particular about everything” since her son’s death—different from the kind and compassionate man she once knew. And Cathy, a lifelong registered Democrat, says she isn’t just backing her husband because they’re married, but because she believes he can truly bring positive change.