Car Hits Ferguson Rally, Gunfire Erupts

Gunfire broke out at a peaceful demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday night to mark the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death after a protester was hit by a car that drove through the event. Witnesses said the incident began when a vehicle plowed through protesters on West Florissant Avenue and struck a man, sending him flying through the air. As the car drove off, witnesses said they heard gunfire. The injured man was reportedly taken to a hospital, and his condition is not known. Early Wednesday, Ferguson officials said the female driver was being “very, very cooperative” with police and that the incident didn’t appear to be intentional. City spokesman Jeff Small said there appeared to be bullet holes in the woman’s car, but that no one inside was hurt. The protest began on Canfield Drive, where the 18-year-old Brown was fatally shot by police after a confrontation in 2014. Dozens of demonstrators held a moment of silence at the site of the shooting before marching through the streets and chanting “No justice, no peace.” The shooting of Brown, who was unarmed, sparked nationwide protests and a federal investigation, as well as a state of emergency in Ferguson after protests got violent.