Times Square

Car Bomb Suspect Formally Charged

That was fast. Faisal Shahzad, 30, the naturalized U.S. citizen arrested early this morning, was formally charged by the federal government for conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction and four other counts of terrorism in “a terrorist plot aimed at murdering Americans,” Attorney General Eric Holder said. Shahzad admitted his role in Saturday's foiled terrorist attack on Times Square, and investigators said he also admitted to receiving bomb-making training in Pakistan. The 10-page criminal complaint against Shahzad tracks his movements in the days before and after the attack, including the sale of the SUV found in Times Square and calls he received from Pakistan prior to Saturday. Shahzad was detained at the last minute before taking off on an Emirates flight bound for Dubai. Pakistani officials arrested seven or eight people in connection to the terrorist attack, who allegedly had come into contact with Shahzad during his visit to Pakistan last year.