Capital Gazette Staffer Says Newsroom Is In a 'Secret' Location After Shooting

After a mass shooting on June 28 left five Capital Gazette staffers dead, a staff photographer said employees of the Annapolis, Maryland newspaper remain constantly worried about their safety despite the “secret” location of their newsroom. Joshua McKerrow said Friday on “All Things Considered” that Capital Gazette staffers are “never going back to the old newsroom.”“We’re in a temporary location in Annapolis, a secret location, if you can believe that,” McKerrow explained. Despite the secret location, “security is a daily concern for the newsroom,” he explained. The suspected gunman opened fire at the Capital Gazette’s offices, killing Wendi Winters, Rebecca Smith, John McNamara, Gerald Fischman and Rob Hiassen, possibly because of a longtime grudge he held against the paper. Time magazine honored the newspaper’s staff with its “Person of the Year,” as well as other journalists worldwide who have been attacked over their work. McKerrow, calling Time’s title a “great and terrible honor,” said “We’d give every bit of it back, every bit of attention, every, everything back just to have them, just to be able to come in again and argue about our assignments and bicker and share cookies at Christmas...And if we could have Rebecca and Wendi and Gerald and Rob and John back, we’d give it all back in a second.”