Cantor-Killer Unsure About Minimum Wage

It’s doubtful this would be an acceptable response from a student. In an interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC Wednesday morning, the man who beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a GOP primary on Tuesday said he isn’t so sure about the minimum wage. “I don’t have a well-crafted response on that one,” economics professor Dave Brat told Todd, regarding whether there should be a federal minimum wage. Brat’s lack of a stance is shocking not just because of his profession, but also because the issue is a hot one in politics today: President Obama has proposed hiking it to $10.10, while cities and states have begun to legislate their own increases. In addition, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that while Brat claims “he tested his rural values against the intellectual elite while at Princeton,” the university has no record of him attending the school.