Can't a Madoff Get Any Respect?

“My name is mud,” Andrew Madoff, son of Ponzi schemer extrodinaire, recently told a friend. Indeed, it is. David Margolick’s Vanity Fair article on Andrew and Mark Madoff reveals the sons of America's most notorious feeling betrayed by the fauther “they were always trying to please, but never could." Among their trials: Andrew having to book reservations in his fiancée’s name; stress on friendships ("Jeff [Wilpon] has tired of Mark's excessive self-pity”); and parents of other students at Dalton not allowing their children to attend Andrew’s daughters’ parties,"evidently fearful of assassins crouching in vestibules." Also, both sons are not speaking to their mother, Ruth, “not because they think she was involved [they don't] but because they believe her tendency to side with [Bernie], no matter what, when they complained to her about him, enabled his dirty deeds.”