Canseco Vindicated? Maybe So.

If you’re looking for a literary companion to Torre’s “Yankee Years,” or maybe just some additional insight into A-Rod’s recent steroid allegations, snag a copy of Jose Canseco’s “Vindicated” and flip to the chapter in which Canseco (a walking steroid in his own right) satisfies Rodriguez’s not-so-subtle inquiry about where “one would go to buy steroids if one wanted them.”Canseco claims to have introduced A-Rod to a trainer with “plenty of access” to the stuff 60-home run seasons are made of. “I may not have seen him do the deed, but I set the whole thing up for him, just like he wanted,” Canseco confesses. “I saw the changes in his body in a short time. Hell, if you ask me, I did everything but inject the guy myself.”