Family Feud

Candy Spelling Speaks Out

All is not well in the house of Spelling. Warming up, perhaps, for her forthcoming tell-all memoir, Hollywood matriarch Candy Spelling spoke to People magazine about her estranged relationship with daughter, actress, and reality star Tori. The 63-year-old grandmother said she's never met her granddaughter Stella and that she doesn't know why Tori ignores her: "I've tried to talk to her, but that doesn't work. She may not even know why she's angry." As for her famed $150M mansion, Candy comments that she has "fantasized for years about a wonderful playhouse on the grounds for children," but her belief that she would never know Tori's children drove Candy to sell the home. Candy's consolation? "Someday my grandchildren will know who I am because of the trust funds I've set up."